Self Care

Life Style

The lifestyle you live for long enough will reflect the state of your health. Each and every habit and routine that you develop in life will perpetuate either toward or away from a state of health. Some of these may include: physical activity, sleep, work, leisure, connection/love, nutrition, security, finance, addiction, environment etc. As with diet, there is also not one universally healthy way to live. Each individual will have their own needs of how to self-nourish, self-enjoy, and self-manage their lives. They key is finding the sustainable balance that promotes the highest quality of life.


Every substance on this planet has its own unique biochemical and physiological properties. This is the basis of TCM Herbal Medicine, but can also be applied to the foods we eat. Western nutrition breaks food down into nutrient components, and at times this has failed to produce healthful results. In Eastern Nutrition, the value of food is not only based on its nutritional content, but also upon its physiological effect on the body. Similar to how herbal formulations are combined for a desired effect on the individual, so too can food be combined in a way that is optimally digestible and healthful. TCM nutrition is not only for digestive issues, nor is it a single diet universally applicable to all individuals. This reflects the holistic and individualistic aspect of TCM as food can be used to nourish and heal body, mind and spirit.

As the old adage goes: “you are what you eat.” Literally everything you are made up of comes from the food you eat (besides your DNA which come from your parents, and even that can be influenced by nutrition). Also, considering the impact of the gut microbiome, we are responsible for feeding our good bacteria that help keep us healthy and happy. It is no surprise, therefore, that most chronic and some acute conditions are rooted in our Standard American Diet. From the types of food we choose (processed, greasy, sugary) to the quality of foods we eat (filled with pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics) to the way we eat our foods (in front of the TV, standing up, late at night) we simply are not taught the proper way to nourish ourselves.

At Wise Wellness nutritional guidance is an integral part of the healing process. By incorporating ancient wisdom into modernnutritional science we will be able to help instruct you on what to eat, why we eat it, and how to eat it as this all has a profound affect on our quality of life. Keeping in mind that each individual has a unique constitution and presentation, we tailor our nutritional advice for each patient for maximal health benefit and sustainability. As your health changes so to will your treatment and nutritional needs. An individual will have a more strict and focused diet while they are imbalanced as opposed to when they are well, when their diet can be more flexible. While dietary recommendations are tailored for the individual, you will still learn invaluable universal lessons that can be adopted by the whole family and community, thus spreading the health and wellness beyond the treatment room.

Gasotransmitter Therapy / Qi Gong

Gasotransmitter therapy, aka qi gong, utilizes the power of the breath to balance the proper distribution of gasotransmitters throughout the body. Gasotransmitters are crucial signaling molecules that affect the proper functioning of all organ systems within the body. By using specific breathing techniques and exercises one can redistribute the gasotransmitters to allow for more efficient physiological functioning and better health.